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“The upward bound has been a blessing for my son. Being in the program keeps him motivated and eager to do his best. As a parent, it is also a blessing because it provides the extra help that my son needs.”

Ashley C. - Upward Bound Parent

“Upward bound has been one of the best things that has happened to me. Upward bound has helped me with schoolwork and has helped me make friends in the process.”

Cameron C. - Upward Bound Participant

“Upward Bound has not only helped me in classes that I have been struggling with it has also been a way for me to make friends both in my school and connect with other schools around mine. I have been able to get ahead in my classes that I am currently taking and classes I will take in the next year. This program has helped me prepare for college and life after high school.”


Haylie P. - Upward Bound Participant

“Hello all! My name is Lindsey Gantt and I am a Political Science Tutor at Upward Bound. I’ve had the joy of being a part of this organization since October 2018 and have served as a UB Summer Counselor as well. What I love most about Upward Bound is their devotion to helping each individual grow not just academically, but as a person and as a leader.”

Lindsey G. –Upward Bound Tutor

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