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Upward Bound

UIYP-Community Service (Clemson Child De

Upward Bound helps young students to prepare for higher education. Participants receive instruction in literature, composition, mathematics and science, and foreign language during the Academic and Summer Components.


The Upward Bound Program assists 60 high school students in area high schools in acquiring the skills and motivation needed to graduate and successfully pursue postsecondary education.


To participate in the Upward Bound program, you must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States. You must also be committed to postsecondary education, have a need for academic assistance, and meet these criteria:

1. Be between the ages of 13 and  19.

2. Be enrolled in a target school in Anderson or Oconee County.

3.  A.) Have a family income that meets the federal economic guidelines.    




B.) Be a first-generation college-bound student (neither parent has a four-year college degree).


  • To provide participating students with maximum exposure to the career and educational opportunities afforded to college graduates.

  • To increase the high school graduation rate of participating students.

  • To increase the college acceptance, retention, and graduation rates of area students.

Leadership, Mentorship, and Service Initiatives:


Upward Bound Leadership:


Students involved with UIYP Upward Bound program have the opportunity to engage in the annual Wanda Hendricks- Bellamy Student Leadership Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC. At this event, program participants across the Southeast region have the opportunity to engage in presentations about the college-going process, how to develop excellent leadership and soft skills, as well as network with other student and TRiO personnel.

Upward Bound Mentorship:


The Upward Bound academic and summer program present several opportunities for mentorship to take place through various cultural enrichment activities, one-on-one discussions, and workshops. Students are able to gain insight from college students and community leaders about choosing a major/career path, financial aid/scholarships, time management, as well as student organization involvement.

Upward Bound Service:


UIYP Upward Bound students engage in service to the community through both the academic and summer programs. Over the course of two years (2017-2019), Upward Bound participants contributed over 325 hours of community service to the Upstate area.

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